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Answers to your Domain Services questions...

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1.) What is my domain name?

2.) I don't understand the difference between a domain, a website and a web host.

3.) Why is my domain registration renewal billing notice different than my other invoices?

4.) I don't want to deal with renewing/registering my domain. Can you renew my domain for me, and then bill me?

5.) I've lost the password to access my domain account, what do I do?

6.) I've lost my login information for my domain management account and the email address on my account is no longer valid. What do I do?

7.) I received a domain registration renwal notice in the mail from Domain Registry of America, but I thought my registration was with you. What's going on?

8.) (Authorization Codes) I am trying to transfer a domain into or out of your service and I am being asked for an "authorization code". What is that and where do I find it?

9.) How do I change the contact information for my domain(s)?

10.) What should I use for my nameservers when I register my domain?

11.) What is 'URL Forwarding'?

12.) What is 'TransferLock'?

13.) How do I remove or turn off the TransferLock for my domain?

14.) Why did I receive an ICANN Whois Update Notice?

Home || Portfolio || Pricing || Customer Service || FAQ || Sitemap || Contact

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