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What is included in your maintenance?

Changes to content, basic layout, and design. Insertion of new text, new photos, or other elements not requiring complete reconstruction of the site. Some editing of scripting or programming is also covered.

In some cases, new pages can be added if those additions use existing templates or layouts, and do not require major changes to programming or scripting.

More Website Maintenance questions...

1.) What are "maintenance contracts"?

2.) Do I have to host my site with you to get a maintenance contract?

3.) How long is my maintenance deposit good for?

4.) How will I know how much is left in my account at any given time?

5.) What if I want to cancel my maintenace contract before my money runs out?

6.) What if the work I request exceeds the amount of my deposit?

7.) How often do I need to renew my maintenance contract?

8.) What is your minimum charge for maintenance services?

9.) How do I submit changes for my website?

10.) What is included in your maintenance?

11.) What is NOT covered by my maintenance deposit?

12.) Do I need a maintenance contract to have you work on my site?

13.) Who has priority when it comes to your maintenance services?

14.) What is the minimum deposit for a maintenance contract?

15.) You sent me an invoice for changes to my website, but they do not show up on my website. Why?

Home || Portfolio || Pricing || Customer Service || FAQ || Sitemap || Contact

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