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What are "maintenance contracts"?

A maintenance contract or "maintenance retainer" is a pre-paid agreement for work to be done on your website. Changes, updates and other work will be done for you at a rate approximately $10 less than the non-contracted rate. A maintenance contract also gives you priority over non-contracted services.

The minimum deposit for a maintenance contract is $100. Existing customers of Mirror Images can renew their contract online at anytime.

For more information, please see our Maintenance Policies page.

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1.) What are "maintenance contracts"?

2.) Do I have to host my site with you to get a maintenance contract?

3.) How long is my maintenance deposit good for?

4.) How will I know how much is left in my account at any given time?

5.) What if I want to cancel my maintenace contract before my money runs out?

6.) What if the work I request exceeds the amount of my deposit?

7.) How often do I need to renew my maintenance contract?

8.) What is your minimum charge for maintenance services?

9.) How do I submit changes for my website?

10.) What is included in your maintenance?

11.) What is NOT covered by my maintenance deposit?

12.) Do I need a maintenance contract to have you work on my site?

13.) Who has priority when it comes to your maintenance services?

14.) What is the minimum deposit for a maintenance contract?

15.) You sent me an invoice for changes to my website, but they do not show up on my website. Why?

Home || Portfolio || Pricing || Customer Service || FAQ || Sitemap || Contact

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